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The Aces-afs Ltd with registration number 10353784 is a financial service and online marketing company. 

We provide financial services with reviews and quality control analysis on project assignments(Banking). These are from Investments Bonds, Assurance products, Interest Hedging Derivatives Products, In counters of international payments (KYC/AML) and Testing on potential actionable companies (PI) - (Banking Sector).

On the accounting side, we also provide services from bookkeeping as (SME), assistance in registering and filling companies returns for small businesses and providing a great structure of budget analysis, reconciliation and reporting from small to the big 4 firms.

In terms of  marketing, we provide Renewable Energy bonds issues as an an introducer, and to add value to my clients portfolio we also apply the 3 most criteria of the core values of SA and CFBL through my website and online promotions in confidence. 

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We write poetry, stories & scripts

Poetry for me is like water in my mouth when thirsty and hungry.
Join me on this journey to see me evolve and write my book. A book of many interesting chapters. From beautiful childhood dawns to sunny adolescence and to some scary adult nights. I hope we enjoy them together and even though we might cry in between lines, I am sure we will be laughing of all that had to happen and amazed of what yet to be.
One Love -

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